Related Projects

This is a collection of links to related, similar or inspirational projects:

Longwell is a suite of web-based RDF browsers. You can browse and search arbitrarely complex RDF datasets using different styles: an end-user friendly view (where all the complexity of RDF is hidden) and an RDF-aware view (where all the details are shown).

Semantic Blogging Demostrator

The Semantic Web Environmental Directory (SWED) is a prototype of a new kind of directory of environmental organisations and projects. Our goal is to develop a sustainable (realistically maintainable) and easy to use directory about environmental organisations and projects throughout the UK.

SnipSnap is a free and easy to install weblog and wiki tool written in Java.

RDFWiki is like any conventional Wiki, except that all of the WikiNames have URIs (when exported), and all of the data is stored as RDF. Instead of just putting some information under each WikiPage, you have to supply a predicate (which can be a WikiName or a URI), and an object (which can be a WikiName or a Literal). The Wiki can be exported as N-Triples (and only N-Triples at the moment).

Gnowsis is an idea inspired by Semantic Web, Memex and many other existing memes (like Cyberspace). It was first implemented by Leo Sauermann as Diploma Thesis. The project is hosted at the KM Lab of the DFKI Kaiserslautern.

PeriPeri is a prototype Semantic Wiki, an attempt to create a more natural approach to the problem than creating vastly complicated edit forms or editing XML.

Dbin is an enthusiasic effort to deliver a "napster like" P2P tool for "semantic web" annotations. By "napster like" they mean for that kind of target (normal users) and that kind of usage (keeping it open in the traybar and leave it running overnight).

Rhizome is a general purpose content management and delivery system that runs on Raccoon. It is dynamic and self-editable like a Wiki but uses ZML and RxML to enable structured content and editable metadata.

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