Current Activities

Activity Start End Notes Who
SetUp JCR for contents 6 June 2006
SetUp a Pluggable Content Repository Architecture and one Content Repository Implementation based on JackRabbit
Stefano Campanini
SetUp Sesame Native Repository for RDF data 1 July 2006 WIP SetUp a Pluggable Metadata Repository Architecture and one Metadata Repository Implementation based on Sesame Native. Stefano Campanini
Evaluating AJAX approach for the GUI
WIP Evaluating dojo and google toolkit Stefano Campanini
Evaluating Jetty for embedded versions
Paolo Castagna


Activity Start End Effort Notes Who
Code refactoring

Complete source code refactoring, better repository, better data objects, better source code comments. Lead: Stefano Campanini, Developer: Paolo Castagna

Rewrited repository for contents and metadata. Recent changes. Import/export RDF, RDF Schema, OWL. Blank nodes support. Lead: Paolo Castagna, Developer: Laurian Gridinoc

Update Ant build.xml system. Package and release system for Source Forge. Naming:,,, platypuswiki.war Lead: Andrea Fabretto, Developer: Paolo Castagna
Page attachments

Page attachments with automatic metadata extraction. Formats: PDF, Microsoft Office (via Jakarta POI), OpenOffice, HTML, ... Lead: Paolo Castagna, Developer: Stefano Campanini, Laurian Gridinoc
User Interface

Redesign user interface. Template system using Velocity. Themes and skins. Lead: Paolo Castagna, Developer: Laurian Gridinoc

Full text search using Lucene, metadata search with Lucene or ... ? Lead: Stefano Campanini
Release v1.0-alpha April 30th, 2005 May 5th, 2005
First official alpha release. Lead: Paolo Castagna, Stefano Campanini

Events and Deadlines

Events Deadline
Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web
March 30th, 2005
4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005)
April 30th, 2005
2005 International Symposium on Wikis
Research papers: April 29th, 2005
Workshops: April 8th, 2005
Demonstrations: July 1st, 2005
The European IST Prize
May 12th, 2005
EuroLAN 2005
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