If you have downloaded the web application archive (*.war) file and you already have a running servlet container (compatible with the servlet v2.4 and JSP 2.0 specifications, such as Tomcat v5.x), you just have to copy platypus.war into your webapps directory. Start the servlet container and the /platypus directory will be created.

If you have downloaded the full version with Tomcat v5.x included, you just have to unzip it and click to run.bat or

To compile from the source code:

  • download and install Ant v1.6.x
  • download and install Tomcat v5.x (remember to set CATALINA_HOME and/or TOMCAT_HOME environment variables)
  • download Jena v2.1 and copy the JAR files into /platypus/web/WEB-INF/lib/
  • run: ant deploy to compile and install Platypus Wiki in your servlet container.

If you want to see Platypus Wiki running locally, connect to http://localhost:8080/platypus/ (depending on your specific configuration, you may need to change hostname (localhost) and port (8080)).

If you find problems during installation feel free to contact us. Logo